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Happy Easter!

Hello kingfishers,Mr.Playdon and Miss Peacock 

Hello all I hope you all have a great and nice Easter holiday ????????    Hannah k

Welcome Bloggers

Hello Kingfishers!


Welcome to your new class!


Mr Playdon (and of course Toffee)

Toffee's sticky half term

Hi there hamster lovers!


Well I have been busy running around in my ball. Although I have to keep dodging this great big dog! He thinks it's a great big game...I am not so sure. Even Mr Playdon laughed as I passed by the door, and then back again, in the distance on my travels.


He is upstairs at the moment writing lots of lovely things about you all. So I better go and find him so he can give me a cuddle.


Squeak to you soon....I  mean see you next week



Maths problem

Hello Kingfishers,


Try this:


The ladybird, James and the centipede went into the peach, and then the spider walked in.


How many feet were there altogether?


Have a great weekend.


Mr P


Also remember your acrostic poem

Mr Playdon

Hello Kingfishers!


Hope you have enjoyed your time in the snow!


Mr P

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